Canada vs China: Cultural Difference in the work space

Canada vs China: Cultural Difference in the work space

Chinese vs Canada: Cultural Differences in the Workplace

In Canada, we all have the choice to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. With the increase in Chinese immigrants, it is always useful to understand the cultural differences that exist between the Chinese and Canadians.

Project Management

In Canada, regardless of the size of the company, each company has a strict procedure to follow: The company must operate within a budget and ensure the quality of the work. The protocol must be followed even though it may take longer to complete the task. In countries of Chinese origin or cultural influence, the primary concern is time. In order to complete jobs on time, we are more flexible with procedure but this results in less organization.


For Canadians, leaders within an organization are often considered part of the team, but have been given a leadership role based on specialized skills and greater experience. On the other hand, in China, they consider themselves in a higher position to their employees.

Agree and Disagree

In Chinese society, asking questions would be considered questioning the authority of the leadership team. When it comes to decision-making, there are fewer opportunities for employees to contribute. However, in Canada, the corporate structure tends to promote the contribution of ideas and discussion from all levels within the company.

Despite all of the differences, Chinese society and Canada have one thing in common: Networking. We may have different ways to get our connections, but it is always about whom you know in the business.

Betty Chiu

By: Betty Chiu

Graphic Designer