3 Social Media Trends Worth a Second Glance

3 Social Media Trends Worth a Second Glance

3 Social Media Trends Worth a Second Glance

Arguably one of the most consistently evolving areas within marketing and advertising is the world of social media, making it increasingly important to stay up-to-date with all the latest trends. These are the top three trends worth taking note of.

1. Live video. There’s a reason that Facebook and Instagram took a page out of Snapchat’s book – live and ephemeral content has an impactful effect on your audience. Live videos are viewed by social media users as more authentic compared to traditional social media posts, while also leading brand audience’s to engage more closely so as not to miss out on what your brand has to say.

2. User-generated content. Putting into place brand-specific hashtags for your audience allows them to show their support for your brand, while providing you with free native advertising and more content (without paying a photographer).

3. Decreasing organic reach. It’s no secret that Facebook and Instagram have implemented algorithms that affect the reach of your organic posts to your audience. This means that users now see posts by friends and family first before seeing posts from Pages – but this doesn’t mean you should ditch organic posts altogether. Instead, consider organic posts as a way to engage your followers and build your brand, rather than directly convert into leads.

Help your business keep up with the latest and greatest social media developments by using this list as a guide for your social media marketing strategy.


By: Ashley Sherlow.

Social Media Coordinator