5 Ways to Increase Your Website Lead Conversion Rates

5 Ways To Increase Your Lead Conversions Inner Story

5 Ways to Increase Your Website Lead Conversion Rates

We judge our websites on their ability to generate qualified leads. The leads divided by users is the conversion rate metric that we use.

Here are 5 ways to increase your sites conversion rates.

  1. When designing a website landing page, you want to make sure that your CTAs are all above the fold line. If no one can see your CTAs, no one will click them.
  2. Your CTAs need to flow nicely with the content of your website. If your advertising a time sensitive promotion, use “Act Now”.
  3. Use bold, and contrasting colours on you CTAs to draw the users eye.
  4. Use one main and one supporting call to action on a page. The whole purpose of a call to action is to stand out, if your website is bursting with CTAs your message will be lost, and conversion rates will drop.
  5. “Inquire Now”, “Book an Appointment”, “Request a Price List”, “Sign Up for Special Promotions” are great examples of different CTAs.