Pros and Cons of the Hamburger Menu System

Pros and Cons of the Hamburger Menu System

Pros and Cons of the Hamburger Menu System

We’ve all seen them, super stylized websites with huge images uninhibited by the standard navigation bar. Sure, they look great, but do they help with usability, is it just for the sake of design? Let’s look at the pros and cons of the hamburger menu system.


There is no denying it, not having a huge menu system and just having a logo and three little lines on the top of your page looks great. It puts focus on the actual product you are selling, and doesn’t draw attention away from what is important. This is not just because you don’t have a large colour bar at the top of your page, it’s because you have a low attention ratio. The attention ratio is the number of links on a landing page to the number of campaign conversion goals. When you only have your logo, the hamburger menu icon and a large call to action, you will have a very low 3:1 ratio which can help drive leads.


Usability takes a huge hit when the navigation is an extra click away. If you want more than just leads, and actual user engagement, showing your navigation makes it much easier for the user to flow freely and find what they want with the least amount of clicks. Having a full navigational menu will also help with your website’s bounce rate. People often go to websites looking for one specific thing, and if they don’t find it quickly and easily, they are gone.

As with all aspects of design, there is no black and white answer to what menu system is better. So next time you’re designing a website, make sure to define the websites goals in order to choose the proper design solutions.

Curtis Archer