What we do

We discover, define, and deliver your brand’s message to the hearts and minds of consumers.

How we do it

We research your audience, product, and competition. We strive to find innovative ways to build and sell your brand. We collect buyer feedback and continuously analyze this information to create better performing campaigns. We use all this information to cut through the noise and create compelling messages. We deliver accountable and proven marketing services that will grow your brand.

Our Story

Blair and Company (Blair & Co.) was founded in 2011. Originally named Leyte Blair, we changed our name in 2016 to reflect the current and forthcoming partnership structure.

We believe that success comes from understanding the marketplace and understanding the target audience, and we know the first step to understanding is research. Everything we do, from campaign implementation, to strategy, to web design and media planning, is predicated by this belief.

We thrive on the implementation of systemic research programs that drive smart and results oriented marketing programs. We aren’t afraid of accountability, in fact we need it to assist us with our understanding of the ever-changing digital market place.

We don’t know if this sets us apart from other agencies, we are not focused on what they are or what they do. What drives us is the knowledge that we are only as good as our last campaign.

Management Team


Research Director, Partner

Graduating with a BA in International Relations in 2008, Shane garnered some life experience through travels around the world before settling back in Calgary, and finding employ in early 2010 as an Account Coordinator with Consumer Strategies Group (CSG). In 2012, he joined Steve and Melissa at Leyte Blair Marketing just in time for the 1 year anniversary. Since then, he has changed roles from Account Coordinator, to Production and Media Manager, to the current General Manager and Software Manager joint position. He loves his position as it allows him to research and grow new branches of marketing, while still remaining involved with a variety of clients and staff.


President, Partner

Steve graduated from the University of Calgary in 1999 with a Bachelor’s degree in English. In 2001 he began his career in Real Estate advertising with Consumer Strategies Group (CSG) in Edmonton. In 2007 he moved to Calgary to run CSG’s Calgary office. In 2011 he founded Leyte Blair which was changed to Blair and Co. in 2016. “I used my own name in the company because it constantly keeps me accountable to the quality of work that goes out the door… after all it has my name all over it.”

Jesse Lalli


Jesse works alongside Steve on servicing and managing accounts, and received his Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. He brings creativity and a fresh perspective to client management with new marketing ideas and strategies. He works on managing client budgets, media planning, and agency workflow.