Advertising the Bigger Picture

Sept 12, 2018

Advertising the Bigger Picture

Advertising the Bigger Picture

It is common practice for companies to centre marketing strategies around the facts and features of their products, rather than spending the time to paint a picture of how their products add to the lifestyle of their potential customers. Investing time into content that your consumers can relate to creates a culture around your brand and builds recognition, rather than trying to promote product knowledge that may be forgotten.

This is where content marketing becomes essential in your marketing strategy. Content marketing is a technique that can be used to sell a lifestyle, not just the features of your product. Most people are visual learners, at least to some extent, and like to envision what a purchase will mean to them in their current and aspirational lifestyle. Consumers make purchases based on preferences that align with their identity. By creating content that appeals to the identities of your consumers, you are creating an opportunity for a closer relationship between you and your audience. In addition, selling a lifestyle gives you added flexibility to appeal to a wider range of customers, especially those who may have found that advertisements about specific features didn’t resonate with their preferences.

By reaching out to specific audiences and providing valuable content that aligns with their needs and wants, your company can interact with consumers in a way that fosters a strong and long-lasting relationship.


By: Ashley Sherlow.

Social Media Coordinator