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Unison Have It All Campaign

Have It All Campaign Oct 2016

Have your cake and eat it too. That was the concept behind our “Have It All” campaign designed to show how you can own a home and still have everything else you want.

You Are Where You Live Print Ad Oct 2016

A print advertisement designed to highlight the lifestyle one can experience by living off Whyte Ave in Edmonton.

Branding and Logo Development

Stockwell Website Oct 2016

A full condo website designed for The Stockwell Kelowna Condos. The website features a mix of condo product and community focused amenities showing the benefits of living in Kelowna.

Grumpy Girl Print Ad Sep 2016

Print ad series developed to highlight the idea that Sterling Homes spoils their customers by giving them everything they want.

Rooftop Patio Print Ad Sep 2016

An advertising piece was designed to highlight the rooftop patio views from the Victory & Venture condo building.

William Brand Jun 2016

Developed a brand concept and logo for a new modern and stylish condo development right off Whyte Ave in Edmonton.

Branding and Logo Development

I Now Pronounce You... Brand Jun 2016

Developed a brand concept, identity and logo for I Now Pronounce You… a new wedding commissioner business in Winnipeg. Our website design and website development was targeted towards a unisex audience.

Victory & Venture Print Ad May 2016

We set out to create a piece that would really deliver on the idea of “big savings”. At one point or another we all wished we could save enough to break our piggy bank.

Marketing Agency

Our Thoughts On Social Media

Aug 24, 2016

The online world is forever changing and with the advents of new social platforms and the constantly changing updates, it has become a continuous learning process for everyone.

Social strategy is important to any marketer in today’s world looking to make an impact on consumers so we thought we should share some insight on how to make the most of this amazing tool.

  1. Identify your unique value proposition
    1. Always ask the important question to yourself: “What can I do for the customer that the next guy can’t?” If you understand what makes you stand out from the next guy then your messaging will be that much stronger.
  2. Facebook business manager is a must
    1. Trust us. It works. The alternative is to manage through your personal Facebook account and that will get messy real quick.
  3. Don’t be afraid to boost your posts
    1. Social media is about content generation. It’s about getting people to see your message and make that connection with them. How can you make that connection if people aren’t seeing your content? A small amount will go a long way, $5-$10 per week can give you a significant boost in reach and help open your channels to new customers.
  4. Download a grammar app
    1. Seriously, download one right now, it will save your life. There are a ton of plug-ins that you can find that will help you stay on top of those pesky grammar imperfections. My app of choice is Grammarly.
  5. Use proper social media image sizes
    1. There are tons of resources out there to help you plan your graphics for social media. The goal is to have your page and feed look like a magazine and no one enjoys the awkward white space that a vertical photo leaves behind so just stop it. Use square and horizontal photos only.
  6. Create educational content
    1. Consider creating downloadable content like ebooks, infographics, or videos that are targeted directly towards your buyer’s pains. If the content is truly helpful and educational, people will be likely to share it or engage with you further on it.

It’s important to stay on top of emerging trends and strategies as platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are always evolving. Experimenting and learning from what works and doesn’t work will make all the difference in your social media efforts.

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Rivairo Collaterals May 2016

A collection of collaterals ranging from business cards, to brochures, to floor plans for a condo development in Airdrie.

Sterling Homes Baby May 2016

A creative concept developed towards highlighting the memorable experiences one can have in their new home.

Who needs science anyways? Oh yeah. We do.

We don’t fully understand how our brains work just yet and that’s okay. What we do know, contrary to what some may think, is that the human brain, our brain, does not always make logical decisions. In fact, it usually tries to avoid making logical decisions by using an arsenal of decision making shortcuts that you may not even be aware of. As a marketer it is important that we understand how the brain makes a decision and how it uses these shortcuts so we can better plan our marketing strategies and executions.

  1. Loss aversion
    1. People are more motivated by the desire to avoid loss and pain than acquiring gains. Losses have been shown to be twice as psychologically powerful as gains. This means that a marketing message would be more effective with the message emphasizing the downside of life without your product or service, rather than highlighting the benefits of life with it.
  2. Social Proof
    1. Similar to the bandwagon effect, we love to go with the flow of the crowd or those we know. People are more likely to enter into a hive mind mentality or group think state as we have a desire to fit in and conform. The idea of social proof is that you are more likely to purchase a product or service if you receive confirmation of its value from those around you.
  3. Commitment consistency
    1. We tend to be apprehensive of change and keep doing what we have been doing. Have you ever found yourself saying yes to something you didn’t want to do? You probably noticed that your attitude and mentality changes to become consistent with your newly made commitment. This is very similar to the foot in the door sales tactic where in the ask for a simple task will generally begin the process of a lead becoming a customer. For example, asking someone to register or begin a free trial will get prospects moving towards being a customer.

The brain is a mysterious thing and as marketers we should strive to understand more of how we function on a psychological level. Great design does wonders, but understanding how to pair decision making processes to your creative and messaging will make all the difference.

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Velocity Formula April 2016

Loving your home should be easy. It should be a simple procedure from beginning to end and we wanted to showcase that with the new condo formula.

Directional Signage

Rivairo Signage May 2016

A modern and clean sign for the Rivairo condo project in Airdrie.