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Here’s our recent work

Mar 2017

Rock Lake Estates Direct Mail Mar 2017

A direct mail piece designed for a family friendly spring event for a NW Calgary estate developer.


Mar 2017

Park Royal Homes Website Mar 2017

A single family home builder website designed for Park Royal Homes. The website focuses on a user-friendly experience to make purchasing a home easier.


Mar 2017

Glasshouse Logo Mar 2017

The Glasshouse logo was designed for the new Glasshouse condos in Regina emphasizing the glass facade to the building.

Mar 2017

Sterling Homes Garages Ad Mar 2017

The print ad was designed to promote a free garage focusing on the benefits of having a garage versus not having one.


Mar 2017

Fence And Post Branding Mar 2017

Identity and business cards created for a new restaurant in Cochrane, AB.


Mar 2017

Rock Lake Estates Sandwich Signs Mar 2017

A set of outdoor directional sandwich signs for a NW Calgary estate developer.


Mar 2017

Victory & Venture Listing Website Mar 2017

A website update to an existing condo website to change the availability page to a listings page of remaining units to simplify searching for a condo.

Mar 2017

LiFTT Online Ads Mar 2017

Online ads designed to speak to different segmented audiences and focussing on a different value proposition for each.

Advertising Campaign

Jan 2017

Print Ad Jan 2017

A print ad creative that highlights a new product category “The Streetscapes” for Sterling Homes.

Advertising Campaign

Feb 2017

Campaign Jan 2017

A campaign series developed to focus on the product, features, and lifestyle that the project offers to purchasers.

Dec 2016

Referral Campaign Dec 2014

Referrals are all about letting your friends make you money. Our creative series was developed around the idea that your friends can make you richer.

Website Design and Development

Dec 2016

Advent Calendar Dec 2016

A website landing page designed to celebrate the holidays and give customers an interactive experience in their home buying process. Each day a new video was revealed.

Dec 2016

E-Direct Dec 2016

A Christmas themed e-mail advertisement to highlight available immediate possession condos right in time for the holidays.

Dec 2016

Print Ad Dec 2016

A holiday update to emphasize a free upgrade promotion for Edmonton home buyers.


Dec 2016

Candy Cane Tag Collateral Dec 2016

Festive holiday candy cane tags developed to infuse the holiday spirit into our sales centre.

Dec 2016

Porchlight Refer a Friend Advertisement Dec 2016

A VIP referral program designed for the customer who just wants to invite all their friends to live next to them.

Parliament Logo

Dec 2016

Print Ad Dec 2016

A print ad developed for a downsizer campaign for a condo project. The creative reflects the ideals of a maintenance free lifestyle and home.

Unison Have It All Campaign

Oct 2016

Have It All Campaign Oct 2016

Have your cake and eat it too. That was the concept behind our “Have It All” campaign designed to show how you can own a home and still have everything else you want.

Oct 2016

You Are Where You Live Print Ad Oct 2016

A print advertisement designed to highlight the lifestyle one can experience by living off Whyte Ave in Edmonton.

Branding and Logo Development

Oct 2016

Stockwell Website Oct 2016

A full condo website designed for The Stockwell Kelowna Condos. The website features a mix of condo product and community focused amenities showing the benefits of living in Kelowna.

Sep 2016

Grumpy Girl Print Ad Sep 2016

Print ad series developed to highlight the idea that Sterling Homes spoils their customers by giving them everything they want.

Sep 2016

Rooftop Patio Print Ad Sep 2016

An advertising piece was designed to highlight the rooftop patio views from the Victory & Venture condo building.

Jun 2016

William Brand Jun 2016

Developed a brand concept and logo for a new modern and stylish condo development right off Whyte Ave in Edmonton.

Branding and Logo Development

I Now Pronounce You... Brand Jun 2016

Developed a brand concept, identity and logo for I Now Pronounce You… a new wedding commissioner business in Winnipeg. Our website design and website development was targeted towards a unisex audience.

May 2016

Victory & Venture Print Ad May 2016

We set out to create a piece that would really deliver on the idea of “big savings”. At one point or another we all wished we could save enough to break our piggy bank.

Marketing Agency

Our Thoughts On Social Media

Aug 24, 2016

The online world is forever changing and with the advents of new social platforms and the constantly changing updates, it has become a continuous learning process for everyone.

Social strategy is important to any marketer in today’s world looking to make an impact on consumers so we thought we should share some insight on how to make the most of this amazing tool.

  1. Identify your unique value proposition
    1. Always ask the important question to yourself: “What can I do for the customer that the next guy can’t?” If you understand what makes you stand out from the next guy then your messaging will be that much stronger.
  2. Facebook business manager is a must
    1. Trust us. It works. The alternative is to manage through your personal Facebook account and that will get messy real quick.
  3. Don’t be afraid to boost your posts
    1. Social media is about content generation. It’s about getting people to see your message and make that connection with them. How can you make that connection if people aren’t seeing your content? A small amount will go a long way, $5-$10 per week can give you a significant boost in reach and help open your channels to new customers.
  4. Download a grammar app
    1. Seriously, download one right now, it will save your life. There are a ton of plug-ins that you can find that will help you stay on top of those pesky grammar imperfections. My app of choice is Grammarly.
  5. Use proper social media image sizes
    1. There are tons of resources out there to help you plan your graphics for social media. The goal is to have your page and feed look like a magazine and no one enjoys the awkward white space that a vertical photo leaves behind so just stop it. Use square and horizontal photos only.
  6. Create educational content
    1. Consider creating downloadable content like ebooks, infographics, or videos that are targeted directly towards your buyer’s pains. If the content is truly helpful and educational, people will be likely to share it or engage with you further on it.

It’s important to stay on top of emerging trends and strategies as platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are always evolving. Experimenting and learning from what works and doesn’t work will make all the difference in your social media efforts.

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